Emotional Well-being

Emotional Well-Being

How are you? Are you well? Answering this question tends to be an instinctive answer; an emotional one. Our wellbeing is determined by many factors and ultimately is very individual to each of us. It comprises of our emotional state and our mental outlook and it can vary from minute to minute. But what is fascinating is that not only does this speak of our current state of mind but it is also predictive of future health and longevity. 

Enhancing Emotional Well-Being:

Factors that are known to positively affect emotional wellbeing are:

Community: Connectedness (relationships and friendships) Meaningful interactions perhaps with shared beliefs or faith.

A sense of purpose and/or self-development.


Practices such as breath work, mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, charity.

ADAPTED for modern life, for a healthier life and for a longer life!