Human beings are designed to move; regularly and in a multitude of different ways. Movement, in its broadest sense, has been essential in evolutionary terms when we were required to hunt, gather, fight or build in order to stay alive. Even sitting and sleeping on the bare earth would have required frequent movement for comfort.

We should view any and all types of bodily movement as having inherent beneficial qualities. Movement has become unnecessary in many areas of modern life where science and technology have taken the strain from human bodies. Yet movement remains essential for optimal physical and mental health. The concept of exercise, whilst more familiar, is actually a very recent development; defined as a more formal type of physical activity with the goal of making us fitter or healthier. Unfortunately the word alone (exercise) is enough to cause unease for many people. Perhaps evoking memories of mocking and goading in school PE lessons or maybe those fruitless attempts at dieting and weight loss in which exercise felt like a form of torture. Whilst this term may be emotive, the concept has taken hold and is incredibly useful.

Adapted seeks to raise awareness and utilisation of all forms of movement in our quest for improved wellbeing and a longer, healthier life. We encourage you to:

Move more often and in a variety of ways.

Access the tools to achieve a longer healthier life lie within our environment and our lifestyles. Many come with no or minimal cost.

Use exercise more specifically to improve health and longevity: Cardiovascular (low intensity and high intensity), Strength, Mobility and balance

ADAPTED for modern life, for a healthier life and for a longer life!