Although we know no different within our own lifetime, the urban concrete jungle is not the natural environment of the human being. We are not meant to live in housing estates and in busy cities and streets. Evolution places us better able to live and to thrive within nature than it does anywhere else. Things that we take for granted such as office buildings with artificial light, air-conditioning and computer systems and homes with central heating, televisions and all manner of other devices are all relatively new developments and whilst they serve a purpose in our lives, we may be far better off if we look to harness the power of our natural environment.

Rediscovering Your Happy Place

If I asked you to think about your ‘happy place’. Where would you be? In a forest? By a lake? On the beach? Very few of us would automatically think of being inside a building or on a high street. If you are feeling anxious or stressed what do you habitually turn to in order to feel better? You might grab a beer or a chocolate bar, but these quick hits are actually of very limited value and can do more harm than good. Choosing to turn to one or more elements of the natural environment could be much more beneficial.

Nurturing Your Connection with Nature, Cold, Heat, and Solitude

Consider your relationship with natural elements such as sunlight and green spaces. We can also look to harness the beneficial effects of cold (cold water immersion) and heat (sauna) and perhaps even also time without distraction, indeed dare I say it boredom and occasional solitude.

ADAPTED for modern life, for a healthier life and for a longer life!